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Automotive Specific Employment Screening

Hire the right applicants. Your dealership’s assets and reputation depend on it.
Hiring just one wrong applicant can cost your dealership thousands to millions of dollars. Reduce that risk with ScreeningOne. Be more confident in employment background screenings and make more informed hiring decisions. ScreeningOne is a pay as you use it service from a single secured website.

With ScreeningOne, you can:
  • Hire with confidence for your dealership with help from automotive industry experts.
  • Choose from over 20 employment background screenings and services.
  • Rely on a dedicated account team you can contact directly.
  • Review results in real-time for faster decisions.
  • Reduce costs and prevent running duplicate screens.
Focus more on running a profitable dealership with help from automotive industry experts instead of worrying you’ve hired the wrong employees.
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