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Polk Cross Sell Report

Compare Your Sales Performance to Others in Your Market
Better understand your market with actionable, timely data. A monthly Polk Cross Sell report keeps you informed of trends with new and used vehicle sales to help you better target your marketing and advertising.

Polk Cross Sell Report is a monthly report designed to show you how your store's sales statistics compare relative to others in the market area you define.
  • The report data is collected from certain states and OEM's using a combination of State VIN registration data and manufacturer sales data.
  • The report can provide data on new car sales or used car sales
  • It is delivered via email to your dealership in an easy-to-read PDF format.
  • You can pick the data that is most important to you by identifying a mile radius or zip code list to pull data from and what franchise information you want to see (for new cars) or what model years you wish to see (for used cars).
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