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AppOne® and Bankers Systems®

As of September 30, 2016, Reynolds and Reynolds has purchased the indirect lending solutions, including its AppOne software, risk mitigation services and Bankers Systems® Indirect Lending documents from Wolters Kluwer Financial Services.

Time is money. That’s why it is important to have easy access to loan documents and lenders who will not only make prompt credit decisions but will also fund your deals faster and help you manage your compliance risk. Our lines of indirect lending solutions are here to help.


AppOne’s Dealer Portal connects dealers and lenders, helping improve the accuracy of credit applications and making credit approvals faster. The platform provides the workflow and technology to allow dealers to get deals done more efficiently. AppOne lets you access Bankers Systems® documents, our plain paper contracts that are widely accepted in the industry.

Bankers Systems® Documents

Bankers Systems’ contracts and documents help you fund loans with confidence. Our contracts are created, continually monitored, and updated with regulatory changes by our in-house compliance and risk management experts.

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