Reynolds and Reynolds
Advanced Payroll

The integrated payroll package that pays for itself!

Advanced Payroll from Reynolds harnesses the power of ERA® integration to automate the manual payroll function of your dealership.

Included with Advanced Payroll are:
Integrated Timekeeping
Quickly and accurately report clock-ins, clock-outs, meals and breaks right on your ERA system. No more hand-entering times on timesheets or old fashioned punch clocks. And because it is integrated with ERA, it automatically updates your payroll and accounting journals, as well as the general ledger.

Direct Deposit
Convenient, accurate and safe, Direct Deposit allows you to transmit your payroll data directly into your employee's checking or savings accounts. You'll enjoy the time savings and your employees will enjoy the convenience and safety.

Customize Payroll Reports
Two powerful payroll reports are included with Direct Deposit:
  • Wage Distribution to give you a quick overview of wages paid to date
  • Departmental Payroll Expense allows you to track payroll expense by department

Electronic Wage Reporting
Automate your state and federal wage reporting - including quarterly reports and annual W2s - without the hassles of magnetic tapes or manual data entry.
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