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Save time, money, and resources with more cost-effective marketing that meets compliance standards by easily matching a customer's postal address with his or her e-mail address.
Over 30% of e-mail addresses change every year. How are you keeping up? E-mail Append matches your customer's postal and e-mail addresses each month to eliminate incorrect e-mail addresses and add new ones. To help protect you from expensive fines, it will also identify customers that do not wish to receive e-mails. All of those changes are then automatically updated in both your ERA® and Contact Management systems, keeping your database accurate and compliant.

The system works by:
  • Searching over 750 million deliverable e-mail addresses and sourced Internet Service Providers for matches to your customer Name File.
  • Sending opt-in/opt-out messages to the addresses that match the dealership's Name File.
  • Updating customer opt-in/opt-out information to your ERA system, including e-mail addresses.
  • Synchronizing with Reynolds Contact Management to add e-mail addresses or Dealership Do Not E-mail privacy flags to customer records.
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