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ERA Human Resource Management

Easily manage your most important asset - your employees.

Let ERA Human Resource Management transform the way you manage your employee information with the only HR system specifically designed for your ERA DMS, giving you the specialized tools you need to operate a more efficient and profitable dealership.

Your employees are your strongest competitive advantage and greatest business asset. Human Resource Management simplifies the human resource activities in your dealership by enabling you to manage employee-related information within your ERA DMS.

Human Resource Management is a simple point-and-click solution for managing employee data within the ERA system. This tool allows personnel management to quickly access the information they need, streamline cumbersome administrative tasks, and help stay compliant with government regulations.

Human Resource Management can easily maintain accurate employee files through every stage of the employee lifecycle: The hiring process for both new hires and rehires, performance management, leaves of absence, certification and training expirations, and terminations/retirements. With Human Resource Management, you only have to enter employee information once. You'll know when training and certifications are expiring. You'll have a standard location to record leave of absence information and information about disciplinary incidents. All employee data is organized and stored in one place.

Human Resource Management can greatly improve the personnel management processes within the dealership: Eliminate re-keying employee information into multiple applications, provide secure access to employee-related data, and better manage the entire employee lifecycle.
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