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InterCompany Entries

Streamline your transaction process.

Let InterCompany Entries transform the way you manage your dealership's accounting with flexible functionality that saves time and eliminates complication.

If you maintain multiple stores on your ERA system, InterCompany Entries allows you to easily create store-to-store accounting entries. This enables you to distribute expenses, create automatic balancing, and generate receivable and payable entries across ERA stores.
  • Find Perfect Balance - InterCompany Entries is based on predetermined account set-ups that automatically create offsetting entries to keep prefixes in balance. It enables you to distribute entries to any general ledger account, saving time and reducing journal errors.
  • Say Good-bye to Duplicate Posting - Post and distribute an expense once, instead of posting several transactions, which saves your dealership time.
  • Improve Productivity - Easily transfer new and used vehicle inventory, parts inventory, and dealer trades from branch to branch.
Let InterCompany Entries help streamline your accounting process and improve your overall operations.
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