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  ERA-IGNITE has made us 100% more productive :: Greg May Honda Waco, TX

ERA-IGNITE has made us 100% more productive

Before ERA-IGNITE, you had to go back and forth between screens to get in and out of different sections. With ERA-IGNITE, you can open multiple screens and you have the ease of having things open. We can work multiple car deals at the same time. We can go straight into Service, Accounting, and drill down if we need to. We can look at ROís. The simplicity of ERA-IGNITE over what Reynolds used to be has made us 100% more productive.

Please see the video.

Greg May
Partner/Dealer Principal
Greg May Honda
Waco, TX

I have DealerTrack, ADP, and Reynolds in my stores currently. I recently chose to switch all seven stores to Reynolds and Reynolds :: Premier Companies: Hyannis, MA

I have DealerTrack, ADP, and Reynolds in my stores currently. I recently chose to switch all seven stores to Reynolds and Reynolds

I have DealerTrack, ADP, and Reynolds in my stores currently. I recently chose to switch all seven stores to Reynolds and Reynolds and hereís why.

Many people base this type of decision on price but I decided not to. I did my own needs analysis focused on the product and the actual retail process and Reynolds and Reynolds blew them all away.

The ADP system is old technology built in folders, reformatted, and plugged into multiple types of products that have different languages. With Reynolds, the technology was built from the ground up so it all works cohesively. I timed the sales reps during the demonstrations and the ADP system could not do the same key strokes and get to the same results as quickly as the Reynolds system.

I had DealerTrack in my Cadillac store for three years and you get what you pay for Ė nothing more and nothing less. DealerTrack will say ďwe donít have a good solution for that but you can buy it from X.Ē By the time I go get X it will cost me as much to get a new DMS. When you add it all up, they donít have solutions for me and I donít want to be in business with people who donít have solutions.

Both ADP and DealerTrack said ďwe hope to have this or that.Ē Hope is not a business strategy. I canít hope that someone is going to get the job done. With Reynolds and Reynolds, I am investing in a Retail Management System, not just a Dealership Management System. A Retail Management System gives me the retail component to go into the marketplace and develop a retail presence. A DMS manages the process and stores data. Dealerships are not in that business anymore. We are in the retail business. We need technology and a company that understands retail. Reynolds gets retail.

The other vendors criticized Reynolds and I wondered if they were afraid of you. They are afraid Ė criticism is a complement in camouflage. When you get down to it, who did I believe was going to be the best solution for my group in the long run? Weíre confident weíve found a true partner in Reynolds and Reynolds.

Joe Laham
President and Owner
Premier Companies
Hyannis, MA

"An asset" to our organization :: L&L Motor Company, Inc.: Roosevelt, UT

"An asset" to our organization

I wanted to take the opportunity to write a letter to you and any potential dealerships who are interested in changing their current DMS. Many of your potential clients may have felt similar feelings to us; reluctant, nervous, fearful and stressed over the "unknown" that is associated with switching an entire dealer management system.

Our dealer management transitioned from Arkona to the Reynolds and Reynolds ERA-IGNITE System in November of 2011, after a long relationship with Arkona DealerTrack of more than 12 years. We began the search for a new DMS relationship primarily based on the fact that we were utilizing more than eight (8) applications to manage customer information throughout our organization. Systems in addition to Arkona such as, DealerSocket CRM, HomeNet, Motorweb services, X-Time Service Scheduling, and many other fragmented systems that did not communicate with each other. We discovered that this fragmented approach is becoming much more common within our industry.

Shamefully, we appeared clumsy at best when communicating with customers. Information would fall through the cracks and customer relationships were jeopardized. As our dealership continued to grow we began to inherit cumbersome accounting practices, exhaustive payroll procedures and back office nightmares. In short, we knew something had to change.

We invited several DMS vendors to come into the dealership. However, Mike Suarez from Reynolds was noticeably different. Rather than immediately tell us what his product could do; he listened to our needs, took careful notes and helped us to consider additional areas within the dealership that needed attention to help us be more profitable! More importantly, Mike personally insured that every promise he made during the sales process was fulfilled to our complete satisfaction. To this day, he has maintained excellent relationships with myself, and other key managers at the dealership. We consider Mike and his team at Reynolds and Reynolds our strategic business partners.

Our dealership is a little short of 6 months into our new relationship with Reynolds and Reynolds. The fear and anxiety associated with the conversion was quickly put to rest as the implementation and training literally took over our dealership. We had specialized, onsite, department specific trainers weeks before our "go live" date. One of my primary concerns was the learning curve associated with employees that have been with the dealership for more than 30 years. The training team provided one-on-one support to slower learning employees; while adapting the training pace to employees who were comfortable with windows based systems.

It is impossible for me to explain in this short letter the impeccable and professional support a Reynolds and Reynolds dealer receives. Such as, no hold time for customer support (don't take my word for it, call them now, 1-800-767-0080, you are connected immediately to knowledgeable, well trained staff, who understand our industry). Need to find specific information within your accounting system, service or parts? Simply call your support team and you will have a customized reports generated within minutes that can be used over and over again.

Before I finish this letter, I want to talk about price. It was a big concern for us. We are a small dealership with growing pains. A DMS is an obvious "expense" to the dealership. However, we now perceive this as an "asset" to our organization. The cost savings and customer profit related to our operational efficiencies already outweigh the monthly license fees. The intangible benefit that our customer's and back office personnel receive is invaluable. Do not overlook this highly competitive benefit simply based on a comparison of DMS monthly fees. With Reynolds the old adage holds true - "you get what you pay for"!

We currently implement the following Reynolds and Reynolds systems:

  • ERA-IGNITE / ERA Access
  • ERA-IGNITE Desking
  • Customer Contact Management
  • Special Pricing Service Guide
  • Service Scheduling
  • Service Dispatching
  • Payroll and Accounting
  • Reynolds Online Website Hosting and Inventory Management

And the best part is - it is all in ONE system and supported by ONE team!

Matt Garner
General Manager / Dealer Principal
L&L Motor Company, Inc.
Roosevelt, Utah


  Easy to train the entire staff :: Andrews Cadillac/Land Rover Nashville: Nashville, TN

Easy to train the entire staff

I am so excited about the new ERA-IGNITE! I've been a Reynolds user since 1982 and our dealership has been a Reynolds customer since the 1940's, this is by far the best enhancement I've ever seen. We recently completed our free trial "test drive" and decided to officially sign our dealership up for ERA-IGNITE.

We are discovering new things everyday about the new software and what all it will do for us. It makes our jobs exciting after years of doing our jobs the same old way. The Computer Assisted Instruction courses available in the system make it so easy to train the entire staff. Instead of me having to make sure each department knows what is new, and train employees myself, they are able to launch the classes themselves saving me lots of time. In the past, we hired new employees, they couldn't grasp the concept of a menu driven system with ERA, but now with the Windows based ERA-IGNITE it makes it much easier for a new employee to become productive quickly.

I love the way ERA-IGNITE has organized the name file making it easy to see an entire customer's history just by tabbing to the correct area. The old 6910 Report Generator reports, now known as the User-defined reports, can be edited much more quickly, sorting the information like we are used to in Excel. The Dashboard is amazing! Each manager has set up a dashboard organizing the information they need to manage their departments all on one page. The ability to click on an item in a report and drill down to get more information is invaluable. I'm not sure I can express how much time this saves us all.

ERA-IGNITE is the best thing Reynolds has done in over 100 years. The whole dealership has embraced it and we are looking forward to each new release.

Carol Edwards
Andrews Cadillac/Land Rover Nashville
Nashville, TN


Retail Management Intelligence reporting is a big deal :: Faulkner BMW: Lancaster, PA

Retail Management Intelligence reporting is a big deal

Our dealership has been a Reynolds DMS customer since 2008. We previously used a different DMS and before that we used good old-fashioned pencil and paper. For what I need, I believe Reynolds ERA-IGNITE far exceeds our previous DMS in terms of what I get.

Overall, ERA-IGNITE is great. One of the biggest differences between Reynolds and the other DMS is how the system was built. It was clear to me that when the other DMS moved to a graphical interface, they took their old screens and wrote code on top of it just to make it look better. The GUI screens look exactly the same as their old screens did. The screens were prettier, but slower after that wrapper was put over it. In fact, we had several instances where our system would have an error, then force us back into the old DOS screens without batting an eye. I refused to use it for payroll; I would get so far ahead of it the system would lose my keystrokes. That lag time doesn't exist in ERA-IGNITE.

I can tell Reynolds is actually rewriting the system and consolidating screens. Retail Management Intelligence reporting is a big deal. I like that there are predefined reports available to get me started. I can see everything from my 10 oldest units, to cash balance, to open repair orders, you name it. User-defined reports lets me search for something without knowing the exact name of a field. I can add and delete the lines I want and exporting into Excel is easy. I also like using Cash Receipts and Journal entries. When posting a deal, we can see deposit and COD accounts. This makes the integrity of the data greater because we can see the schedule balance on the posting screen.

I'm a big fan of the reporting capabilities in ERA-IGNITE. I never understood why our previous DMS's payroll application wasn't great. It purged data - once you closed something, kiss that data goodbye. Their employee file is maintained outside of the system as well, so if I want to add an employee, I have to add them to each module individually. With Reynolds hand, if I want to see numbers from years ago, I can create a report to do so. It's easier to add an employee because all of the steps I need are contained within the same screen.

With our previous DMS, it took more time to get through our daily processes. You had better have a solid knowledge of accounting, otherwise you're in trouble. I eventually hired more people to help me get through it. To support our two stores I needed 1-2 additional people at any given time. Reynolds does a good job of making accounting functions more digestible. It's easier to take a cashier and show them how to receipt money, plug vehicles into the system, etc. Reynolds will run circles around other DMS's any day.

Ed Buckman
Faulkner BMW
Lancaster, PA


It's sped up our F&I process :: Romines Motor Company: Houston, MO

It's sped up our F&I process

We've been with Reynolds and have been using ERA for over 20 years. I was reluctant to try ERA-IGNITE at first, but once I started using it, I never looked back.

ERA-IGNITE has been great for our F&I department because the point-and-click interface puts everything at our fingertips, instantly. Everything in our department works; everything is clicking together. Our old process was time consuming but this is very quick. I love the swiftness of preparing a deal and figuring payments. It's so easy to access a customer that's already in the database because it saves the last 20 deals that I worked on so those are right at my fingertips without having to do a search. The multiple payment scenarios help sell because it allows us to give our customers more options. The bottom line is that ERA-IGNITE makes us earn more money.

The younger guy that works in my office picked up on ERA-IGNITE so quickly and that's made training a lot easier. It's sped up our F&I process because it doesn't take as long to complete a deal. In our world, time is money so getting the customers through F&I quickly is essential. Even the customers have noticed a difference in our F&I department. There's so much paperwork in this state that we have to go through, but ERA-IGNITE populates the screen for forms and all I have to do is select the forms that I want to print. Speaking of which, this 8480 printer is also the greatest printer that I've ever worked with. I can just put the paper in and it aligns automatically so I don't have to worry. It will even fix itself if I put a form in crooked! When I first heard that, I didn't believe it, but it really does work.

All in all, I'm pleased because ERA-IGNITE has put a lot of money in my pocket over the last six months. I would recommend it to any dealership who wants to make more money and make it quickly. This is the product that will allow that to be done because it's so simple to operate. It was obviously developed by people who know the F&I process because it really makes this office tick. Just point, click, and you're done. It's the best thing since Post Toasties!

Harold Wiggs
Finance Manager
Romines Motor Company
Houston, MO

Has already saved me time in my job :: Lexus of Dayton: Dayton, OH

Has already saved me time in my job

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about our move from ERA to ERA-IGNITE. We haven't been using ERA-IGNITE for long, but I'm already seeing the benefits.

The transition from one system to the other was surprisingly smooth. The hardest thing to learn was looking in different areas for things you're used to, but it was really easy because ERA-IGNITE is so intuitive. You can use the system like a regular person, instead of having to think like a programmer.

I like that ERA-IGNITE lets us stay in the same Windows-type environment instead of entering the blue screens for all tasks. Now we just use tabs to get to the information we need. With the old text screens, people always had to ask around if they couldn't find the information they needed. ERA-IGNITE uses the environment that people are used to so it's easy to navigate on your own. Entering and updating warranty information is also so much easier and is a real time saver.

The reporting functions are superb. I love that I can see the reserve and aftermarket generated. I can see exactly how much gross our entire department has generated, or I can break it down and see it by individual. This kind of data is fantastic because it comes to me real time.

Using ERA-IGNITE has already save me time in my job. Our dealership averages four deals per day and IGNITE easily saves me 5-10 minutes for deal. That kind of time really adds up in the F&I office. If another dealership is thinking about switching to ERA-IGNITE, I would tell them to do it yesterday - if not sooner.

Kate Archdeacon
F&I Manager
Lexus of Dayton
Dayton, OH


The point and click environment makes it faster and easier :: Bob Pulte Chevrolet: Lebanon, OH

The point and click environment makes it faster and easier to make changes and correct mistakes as you go

When Reynolds first came to us and said they had a Windows-looking product, we were excited. The younger generation coming into the business is familiar with a Windows look and feel, and we knew going forward it was going to make our processes and our training so much easier. We've been using ERA-IGNITE for over a year now and I'm happy to report we were right.

Our training has absolutely been improved. The vast majority of society has used a Windows-based computer program at some point in their life and ERA-IGNITE copies that interface well. The toolbars and drop down menus are intuitive and make training simple.

When you first move away from the blue screens, it is a bit of a shock to see the big differences. But thankfully, it doesn't take long to get comfortable with ERA-IGNITE. It's so much more logical and makes more sense. ERA-IGNITE is so easy to navigate, that if you asked me to go back into the blue screens and perform a task, I think I would have a hard time doing it!

Adding jobs within ERA-IGNITE is very easy. Being able to make adjustments on the fly was one of the "biggest" things that our dealership noticed right away. The point and click environment makes it faster and easier to make changes and correct mistakes as you go. Instead of spending 90 seconds reviewing a document, it now takes me 45. All in all, this adds up to a faster and more efficient service advisor.

It sounds little, but the greatest thing in the world is the text wrapping. I get better write-ups from my service advisors because the program will now capture all of their comments. Before, if the service advisor wasn't aware that they'd run out of room to type, oftentimes the wouldn't go back and fix it so we would miss out on important details.

Basically, if you love using a mouse instead of the keyboard, you'll love ERA-IGNITE. You can do everything with the mouse if you want to. If another dealership were to call me asking about switching IGNITE, I would tell them to do it. If you were on an ADP system, I think the change would be very easy. Switching from ERA blue screens would be a harder transition, but only because you would have to convince yourself to go outside of your comfort zone. Really, ERA-IGNITE is easy to learn and much easier to use. It has enormous untapped potential and we can't wait to see where it will be in five years.

Randy Hurst
Service Manager
Bob Pulte Chevrolet
Lebanon, OH

Saves me five minutes per RO, easily :: Hilton Head Chrysler Jeep Dodge: Hardeeville, SC

Saves me five minutes per RO, easily

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how happy I am with ERA-IGNITE. Our dealership has only been on it for a few weeks but I am already excited about the functionality and how much time it is saving me.

ERA-IGNITE is so intuitive and easy to learn. I was up and running on it after an hour's training on the phone with our awesome trainer, Allison. Every day that I use it I learn more. The Computer Assisted Instruction classes are very easy to use and have also been extremely helpful with learning the system.

My favorite part of ERA-IGNITE is how much time it saves me because it's so easy. I constantly look at Accounts Receivables and Warranty Schedules to see what is outstanding for my service department. I no longer have to print a huge schedule file to find a piece of information! I can view the file on screen, click on what I need, and drill down to find each item. This easily saves me at least an hour a day going through my schedules!

With the Service Process, I like that I don't have to go to a separate screen for each individual job. Instead, I can see all the jobs at the same time from one screen. I can finish each job from that screen without jumping around to close each job. Having the text and numbers for each job in one place saves me a lot of time. I was so excited to see that feature in my training that I couldn't wait to start using it. It saves me five minutes per RO, easily.

It also makes my life easier with Purchase Orders. Sometimes, I'll get sent 20 PO's at the same time, then somebody will need me to look up a small piece of information. Before, I had to look up the PO, look up the RO, find the stock number or VIN number... it took forever. Now, I just open up the PO and drill down directly to the piece of information I want.

In today's economy and dealership environment, everyone has downsized so dealerships have a smaller staff handling a large workload. ERA-IGNITE is essential to making the dealership more efficient because of all the features it has to offer. This is the way of the future. It's just an unbelievable system and I'm excited to learn more about it every day.

Alice Cliff
Fixed Operations Manager
Hilton Head Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Hardeeville, SC

Less steps to find operations :: Jim Hudson Ford: Lexington, SC

Less steps to find operations

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am so far with ERA-IGNITE. Our dealership has 20 users on ERA-IGNITE now, including some of our employees that aren't great with a computer.

I like that I don't have to remember programs or screen numbers. The system is point and click so it's very user-friendly. As long as I have a customer name, phone number, or partial VIN, I can look up what I need and get where I need to go. The system is very intuitive because its Windows based and practically everyone has experience with Windows. Even one of my employees - for whom the computer is usually his worst enemy - does really well with ERA-IGNITE. The old blue screens were fine, but it wasn't the kind of system that you could tell a new employee to just go and write up an RO, or go and find something. ERA-IGNITE is that kind of system since i's so intuitive - even our new employees can use it quickly.

Pulling up ROs is fast and easy. I can page up and page down to get to any screen I need and don't have to think about what I'm doing. The screen isn't too busy to use and I don't have to bounce from screen to screen to flag an RO. I feel that I'm making better decisions now because information is more readily available to me and it takes fewer steps to find what I'm looking for. I love that I can search a customer's service history easily with only a few clicks. I've also got our Service Price Guides dialed in very well. I liked Service Price Guides before but they're even better with ERA-IGNITE because it takes less steps to find operation and build a quote. The Computer Assisted Instruction courses have been great too. I'm learning shortcuts that are helping me become even more efficient.

ERA-IGNITE is definitely the way for a dealership to go.

Mike Taylor
Service Manager
Jim Hudson Ford
Lexington, SC


Everything I need is on one screen :: Vision Volkswagen Audi: Leesport, PA

Everything I need is on one screen

We're using ERA-IGNITE in multiple areas of our dealership. So far, we have found that our sales process is much easier to track since all of the products work together seamlessly. Dashboard Reporting has especially made my life easier. As a sales manager, I can watch when the F&I office finalizes a deal I've been working on and as soon as the deal is complete I can post my new monthly totals and see the front-end and back-end gross. I can even compare it to the previous month.

With Vehicle Management, I can see all of our new and used vehicles by stock number and a simple click gives me all the information I need on a car. I can see odometer, book value, list price, cost, status, if the car is certified, and days in stock - it's amazing. Everything I need is on one screen right there in front of me.

The Desking portion is just fantastic. It's so easy to use and we really like the proposal print outs. It's so much more professional to be able to give a nice print out to a customer and that's important to our dealership. Using the multiple scenarios makes us more efficient and the customers like that they have options. We also really like the Roll to Payments. Now using Roll to Payment is very easy and it's done in a few clicks.

ERA-IGNITE has made our processes easier, especially since we have the whole package working together. It's easier to track our processes and important metrics like gross profit. We're completing our tasks faster and we look more professional in front of the customer.

Jason Rex
Sales Manager
Vision Volkswagen Audi
Leesport, PA

Business Office

Iím able to research issues more quickly :: Hoyte Dodge Chrysler Jeep: Sherman, TX

Iím able to research issues more quickly

Iíve been in the business office for over 20 years and have used a variety of systems, including ADP and Reynolds. Now Iím using the new Reynolds system, ERA-IGNITE, because it makes my job easier and helps me to be more efficient.

With ERA-IGNITE, I no longer have to rely on what Sales tells me. Previously, the only way I could reconcile the number of sales and grosses was by comparing Salesí spreadsheet to mine. With ERA-IGNITE and Retail Management Intelligence, I can customize my Dashboard and pull these figures up side-by-side immediately. In addition, I have customized other reports and saved them to ĎMy RMI Favoritesí to review daily. The ease of accessing information in ERA-IGNITE is 400% better!

Not only am I thrilled about the reporting, but also the improvements to accounting. I have the ability to add remarks to my schedules which eliminates the need to pull folders. For example, I can now add notes to my deal receivables and review unpaid balances. If it wasnít for this feature I might have pulled the same folder three times in a single month. As a result, Iím able to research issues more quickly, which significantly increases my productivity.

The ease of movement and accessibility of information is by far more superior to anything Iíve used before. I canít tell you how many keystrokes I have saved and how much faster I can finish my work using ERA-IGNITE.

Joyce Auldridge
Office Manager
Hoyte Dodge Chrysler Jeep
Sherman, TX

Can just glance at my recent posts and see it immediately :: Bill Cram Chevrolet: Seneca Falls, NY

Can just glance at my recent posts and see it immediately

We've been using ERA-IGNITE since October and I already prefer to use it for most of my job tasks. Working with general purchases and posting is now a lot easier. It allows me to run a split screen so I can keep my accounting screen up at all times on one side and Vehicle Management or another screen on the other side. I often have to look up stock numbers, RO numbers, VINs, or parts tickets, and the split screen allows me to cross reference without having to constantly get in and out of a blue screen to find the information.

Now, I keep each of my departments open and color-coded at the bottom of the screen. This makes doing my research faster because I can skip steps that I previously had to go through. I used to have to get out of my accounting screen, research the situation, then go back into my accounting screen to post the correct information. Since the majority of my day involved posting, ERA-IGNITE saves me a massive amount of time every day.

Creating reports in ERA-IGNITE is also much easier. User-Defined reports lets me organize columns and see exactly what I want. Before, it was time consuming to decide which columns to include. Now, ERA-IGNITE lets me search by a word and it will pop up with my options - I don't have to go through the alphabet for every field.

In General Purchases, I love that I can see my 10 most recently posted items at all times. I constantly get interrupted though the day and I used to have to go back into the screen to see if I had finalized a post or not. Now, I can just glance at my recent posts and see it immediately.

I can already tell its going to be much easier to train people on ERA-IGNITE. Explaining the system is simple because everyone understands point-and-click. Getting help is easy on any screen with the F1 Help button. Teaching the blue screen was harder as most people weren't used to that type on navigation. ERA-IGNITE is nice because you can use the keyboard shortcuts. The Computer Assisted Instruction courses are nice too because they're not designed to make you fail. They're helpful and designed to help you pass and learn the system.

Melissa Nielsen
Assistant Office Manager
Bill Cram Chevrolet
Seneca Falls, NY
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