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Improve your parts-ordering process to increase efficiency and reduce profit leaks.

The parts department is one of a dealership's most vital profit centers, but it can also be a center of inefficiency and waste, dragging down your bottom line with misordered parts, restocking fees, and inflated parts storage costs. Maximize efficiency and protect your profits by taking control of your parts department with Electronic Parts Catalog.
Reynolds' Electronic Parts Catalog is designed to be the fastest, easiest-to-use, most reliable, and best-supported catalog available. As a result, your dealership gains access to electronic parts data for over 20 U.S. and 10 Canadian manufacturers. Its full integration with ERA® can help you:
  • Improve parts-ordering speed and reduce inventory losses due to misordered parts by an average of $25,000 a year.
  • Generate more billable service work each day by quickly and efficiently identifying the correct parts.
  • Increase accuracy by visually confirming that a part matches the part to be replaced.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by identifying the correct parts quickly and reducing service delays.
Other features include:
  • Point-and-click convenience: Pull-down menus, along with resizable windows and speedy function-key lookups, help quickly identify parts and build parts lists.
  • Powerful faxing capabilities: The faxing capability allows outgoing faxes of text and graphics to be sent directly from the system, reducing mistakes that can lead to restocking fees and non-returnable inventory.
  • Access emerging networks: Because of its seamless integration with ERA, the system can now communicate with many manufacturer networks.
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