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One-Step Service

Make quick service repairs faster and more profitable.
One-Step Service helps your dealership better compete with independent quick-repair shops and grow your quick-service business by dramatically speeding up the process for repair order write-up of minor repairs and services. By allowing your advisors to write up, invoice, and accept payment for quick service in one simple step, One-Step Service reduces the number of keystrokes by up to 80 %!

One-Step Service:
  • Supports "30 minutes or less" services by speeding up the write-up, invoicing, and payment processes.
  • Helps increase customer satisfaction and retention by meeting and exceeding customers' expectations.
  • Enables the service department to automatically bill out parts.
  • Automatically tracks your quick-service business in a separate department, making it simple and easy to report to your manufacturer.
  • Pulls pricing information from Service Price Guides, so all prices are accurate and complete.
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