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Increase productivity, improve customer retention, and ensure stronger call handling and follow-up with Call Tracking, an optional feature for Contact Management.
Make the most of your phone traffic and customer contact information by tracking every call in and out of your dealership with Call Tracking. This telephone solution uses your existing phone system and logs userís phone call details to provide accurate usage reports.

With Call Tracking, you can:
  • Better manage your dealershipís phone calls through the phone traffic screens, which list who on your team made the call, to what customer or number it was made, and the call's length.
  • Quickly associate callers with their customer record in Contact Management with just a few clicks.
  • Empower your staff to efficiently complete phone activities by making it easier for them to mark phone activities as complete.
  • Identify phone traffic trends and peak calling times by using usage and traffic reports.

*Dealer Marketing Magazine, June 2011
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