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Empower consumers with a streamlined, interactive negotiation process.

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eNegotiator, part of Reynolds Retail Management System, helps you better engage customers and provide them with a more positive, interactive negotiation experience. With Contact Management and Desking, you can create a more positive negotiating experience by easily communicating client information and deal expectations to the sales manager without having to leave the customerís side. You can also:

  • Make your sales process mobile by starting the negotiating process in Contact Management anytime, anywhere.
  • Cut down on the amount of time physically spent going back and forth to the desk.
  • Put the power in your customersí hands with an interactive display of a proposal they can accept or revise.
  • Alleviate the bottleneck often experienced at the desk with the electronic exchange of deal information.
  • Decrease the number of customers who defect during negotiations and increase your closing ratios.
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