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Name File Services

Name File Services is a suite of data cleansing and enhancement services that helps your dealership maintain a clean, accurate dealership management system name file that includes current customer privacy flags. Depending on the specific service and dealership needs, services are generally available on an on-demand, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Reynolds provides the following enhanced solutions for managing customer data:
  • Customer Address Update: Address Refresh and Zip Find features compare, update, and standardize records against U.S. Postal Service data.
  • Customer Telephone Update: The Telephone Number Refresh feature compares and updates telephone numbers using the latest data from the white pages directory and other repositories.
  • Customer Deduplication: Multiple customer records are marked as duplicates based upon confidence levels. This allows duplicate and inconsistent entries to be consolidated and updated quickly.
  • Customer Privacy Update: This service promotes dealership compliance and customer satisfaction by updating customer records with customers' no-contact preferences listed in federal and state registries, as well as the Direct Marketing Association's do-not-call, do-not-mail, and do-not-e-mail lists.
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