Reynolds and Reynolds

Accelerate Your Sales and F&I Process

Enhance your deal process, satisfy dealership profit goals, and ensure a positive experience for your customers with a comprehensive desking tool.

From the time a customer walks in the door until the deal is closed, Desking, part of Reynolds Retail Management System, is a key solution that tightly coordinates sales and finance.
  • Boost productivity and gain selling time by decreasing the time needed to structure and complete a deal.
  • Increase profitability with a systematic, process-driven way to negotiate deals.
  • Reduce errors and funding delays with a consistent interface between the desk and F&I office.
  • Improve CSI and customer retention with a transparent experience that makes the sales process clearer for customers.
  • Save time with direct access to other Sales and F&I tools such as Credit Application processing, Rates and Residuals, Credit Bureau Inquiry, Vehicle BookOut, F&I Menus, and more.
  • Get real-time product pricing, plus book contracts electronically at point of sale for integrated providers.
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