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Rates and Residuals

Finance Options Made Easier

Rates and Residuals, an optional addition to the Desking application, automatically analyzes your deals based on lender, vehicle, and credit score and then quickly ranks payment scenarios.

It's cumbersome to manually use lender rate sheets and residuals guidebooks, or even a third-party automated tool. They all can lead to customers growing impatient, gross profit calculations and analysis becoming guesswork, and lenders rejecting finance packages.

As part of Reynolds Retail Management System, Rates and Residuals can:
  • Simply select and present the options that best meet your customer's targeted payment and your profit criteria.
  • Maximize back-end gross with loan-to-value alerts, which let you know how much room you have to sell aftermarket products.
  • Incorporate negative equity positions without exceeding lender parameters or limiting profit, with max advance alerts.
  • Review a "Best Rates" list of other lenders in your region.
Rebates and Incentives is now available as a part of Rates and Residuals. Provide your customer the best combination of incentives based on stackability rules. Save time by accessing rebates and incentives digitally, and ensure the optimum scenario for both you and the customer every time.
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