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When your dealership offers the right vehicle, the right deal, the right financing, and the right products with the right customer service, profit goals and sales targets become easier to meet. Reynolds understands and is here to help you make it happen.
Optimum performance in the front end is only possible with quality tools designed to work together. Using unrelated software, hostile interfaces, or manual functions creates a disjointed process that limits speed, accuracy, profitability, and your customer's experience. Reynolds offers you a better way with a set of cohesive tools.
The ERA-IGNITE ® system provides the required foundation:
  • Count on continual two-way data exchange for vehicle, customer, and deal records within ERA-IGNITE and with optional applications built on the same platform. Rely on payments that match across applications with a single calculation engine.
  • Access current F&I forms and services on demand, 24/7/365.
  • Integrate directly with DCS for convenient vehicle ordering.
Optional applications further increase performance.
  • Add applications according to your dealership's needs, based on the way you do business.
  • Optimum performance increases with the entire set of solutions.
To help streamline your process further, optional integration with third-party applications is available.
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