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Used Vehicle Management

Take the Guesswork Out of Vehicle Acquisition

Make more profit and accelerate used vehicle turns with business decisions based on information you can trust, also available in the palm of your hand with Mobile UVM. UVriM Mobile
Used Vehicle Management is an inventory management solution that helps dealerships accurately and quickly evaluate used vehicles. It provides optimal inventory recommendations and takes the guesswork out of vehicle acquisitions by compiling dealership records, such as sales history, inventory turn rates, and auction and appraisal data. This data can be reviewed with detailed tracking and reporting features to obtain the overall status of the used vehicle department.
  • Assess book value with side-by-side comparison from up to three different valuation guide books. Books available include Kelley Blue Book®, Black Book®, NADA Official Used Car Guide®, and Galves Auto Price List.
  • Easily get to multiple vehicle history report and auction sites, such as Experian, Carfax, Manheim, and ADESA, with quick-links.
  • Access detailed auction data in one click from the National Auto Auction Association.
  • Complete every stop of your appraisal process on your computer, tablet, or smartphone (iOS or Android) with Mobile UVM.

Available Features:
  • Digital Image Publisher accommodates storage of up to 16 images per vehicle, providing a baseline for appraisal and keeping a visual record of what was appraised.
  • Market Based Pricing searches thousands of websites for competitive retail vehicle prices and enables the user to easily compare and adjust their own vehicle pricing to be relevant in their markets.
  • Enterprise will help dealership groups acquire the right inventory by providing recommendations across all stores in the group, sending automatic email alerts to the appropriate dealership, and generating centralized buy / sell lists.
  • Mobile UVM gives you access to DMS data in the palm of your hand so you can appraise vehicles, take photos, research market and auction data, and view auction run lists from anywhere on your tablet or smartphone (Apple iOS or Android).
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