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Collections Management

Structure and control your receivables process electronically with Collections Management.

Automatic Efficiency
Maximize efficiency and gain greater control over your entire collections process. Instead of running a schedule and working from a paper copy, your accounts receivable associates can conveniently view a list of past due customer balances from their computer screen. Lists are updated daily and are sorted by the amount due, helping ensure that customers who owe the most money are contacted first. The employee's screen will also display the last date of contact and the number of days past due. Future follow-up dates can be entered, and additional notes can be added to the screen. Establish your own timeframe status in which customers are contacted, such as past due, delinquent, or the standard 30, 60, 90 day overdue settings.

Track Results
With your process in place, contacting customers is easy; employees can drill into each customer record to have specific data about their accounts, including:
  • Customer's phone number
  • A/R breakdown
  • Schedule data
  • Notes
Employees can enter ntoes with call results and future dates to follow-up. Regardless of who makes a follow-up call, the customer's complete history is available.
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