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Outbound Correspondence and Communication

Expand your ability to maintain customer relationships.

Target specific groups of customers in your database for follow-up contact with Outbound Correspondence and Communication (OCC). OCC integrates seamlessly with Microsoft® Word and Microsoft® Outlook, enabling you to send professional letters and emails. Additionally, OCC can send instant e-mail notifications to customers based on specific "events" and will even sort your database to contact customers by their preferred method of communication.

Streamline your business office communications to employees and customers with organized, professional correspondence.

Accounts Receivable Notification
Send batch e-mails to Accounts Receivable customers. The customer's A/R statement is automatically attached to the e-mail as a PDF file. Easily keep customers informed about their account with Accounts Receivable Notification (ARN), designed to streamline accounting correspondence.

Cast a Wider Net
OCC expands your marketing reach by tying into the Name and Address records of each department, and even across multiple dealerships. Anyone with a name and address record in your database can be reached via e-mail, direct mail, or even text message. OCC provides an opportunity to send letters, notifications, and other correspondence to a much wider audience.

Purchase Requisition Notification
Reduce paperwork and keystroke errors with an automated notification system that alerts individuals each time a Purchase Requisition is added or voided. The added ability to email the purchase order itself increases efficiency, speeds response times, and helps ensure that communications are documented.

Human Resource Management
Create and send batch letters to employees. Easily communicate with your entire organization, or only a select group, with the click of a button. Whether you are sending invitations to the company Christmas party, or information about changes to employee benefits, OCC provides an efficient method of delivering your message.

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