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Virtual Customer Care Center

Gain higher satisfaction, sales, and repeat service by using a professional, virtual call center to make timely and relevant contact with your customers.

Product Overview

Fixed Operations Follow-up

The Virtual Customer Care Center is a professional extension of your dealership providing flexible call services that improve your business.

College-educated, US-based callers are trained to communicate on your behalf, using non-confrontational, survey-based calls. Our professional team can:
  • Ensure your sales and service calls are consistent and timely.
  • Glean quality insight into how your staff interacts with your customers.
  • Make, confirm, and reset appointments for vehicle purchases and repairs.
  • See real-time call results in Contact Management.
Choose Your Calls
With eight different call types available, our a la carte choices put you in the driver’s seat. Choose call options to help drive results in your variable and fixed operations.

Variable Operations Call Options:
  • Un-sold Internet Sales Prospect Follow-up
  • Un-sold Phone and Showroom Sales Prospect Follow-up
  • Sold Vehicle Follow-up
  • Retail Renewal Prospect Call
  • Lease Renewal Client Call
Fixed Operations Call Options:
  • Service Appointment Reminder Call
  • Missed Service Appointment Follow-Up
  • Sold Repair Order Follow-up
*The Virtual Customer Care Center is an optional add-on for Contact Management.
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