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Front-End Management

Produce dealership-defined reports with up-to-the-minute F&I data.

The Front-End Management (FRM) software application enables you to produce dealership-defined reports, both printed and on-screen, containing complete vehicle sales information. These reports contain up-to-the-minute, accurate data from the Finance and Insurance software application. The Front-End Management software also calculates valuable statistics automatically, which helps you analyze the success of the sales department. Reports can be generated verifying that all car sales have been posted, titled, and accounts receivable collected, to help ensure nothing is overlooked.

The Front-End Extended Reports (FRX) software enables groups with multiple dealerships on the same POWER system to generate combined Front-End Management reports. With the FRX application, you can generate reports displaying vehicle sales information from all of your dealerships using the Front-End Management software.

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