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Outbound Correspondence and Communication

Expand your ability to maintain customer relationships.

Follow-up Made Easy
Target specific groups of customers in your database for follow-up contact, and send them professional letters and e-mails. Outbound Correspondence and Communication (OCC) provides seamless integration with Microsoft® Word and Microsoft® Outlook. When used with your Internet Business Connection (IBC) server, you can send instant e-mail notifications to customers and prospects based on defined "events" in your computer system. OCC can help you sort your database to send electronic and direct mail notifications to customers and prospects based on their preferred method of communication, ultimately saving you thousands in postage.

Accelerate your sales and financing communications to customers and prospects by organizing correspondence with simple, centralized software that integrates with other areas of the POWER system.

Household Marketing
Build loyalty with drivers and/or households by sending mailers, coupons, loyalty packets, and event invitations. Or thank a company for many years of purchases with one letter to the entire company.

Finance & Insurance Deal Follow-up
Proactively market additional items after the initial sale, such as extended warranties to customers who didn't purchase these items at the time of sale. Follow up on we-owes, or send updates to finance customers about the status of their deal.

Finance & Insurance Deal Notification
Speed the sales process by sending e-mails to the appropriate parties at each step of the deal cycle. Deal Flow Status and Action reports can be sent to your sales staff, inquiries can be sent to finance companies, and customers can even be notified when their permanent plates are ready to be picked up.

Sales Prospect Follow-up
Send letters and e-mails to prospects who recently visited your dealership. This follow-up tool assists you in sending timely correspondence, such as coupons or postcards, for those dealership visitors who did not purchase a vehicle from you.

On Demand OCC
Expand your customer relationship abilities. Instantly request a letter, a text message, or e-mail via the print menu of user applications, while browsing through a customer record. It's a flexible tool to help instantly generate letters and e-mails.

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